Extended Phase 1 Updates 12/1/20

Extended Phase 1 Update Tuesday, December 1, 2020
Posted on 12/01/2020
Taft Eagle News

December 1, 2020

Dear Taft Families,

This letter provides a brief overview of the process and timelines for implementation of expanded Phase 1 (appointment based learning) for secondary school. Phase 1 Expanded is scheduled to begin for select Early Learning and 6th through 12th grade students on December 7th, 2020. This letter is a comprehensive attempt to share information made available to us at this time. Students enrolled in TK-5 are not impacted by this phase and will continue to participate according to the existing Phase 1 guidelines.

No additional action is required by parents at this time as they will be contacted directly by the school if their student qualifies for in-person learning.

Q: Who qualifies for Phase 1 Expanded?

A: Only students in Early Learning and 6 through 12 grade identified by the school team using district criteria will be invited to return. The size of student groups during onsite appointments will be limited.

Q: What if my child isn’t chosen to be part of Phase 1 Expanded?

A: All students will continue to receive instruction online following the existing schedule. Please see below for information related to future phases.

Q: Will my child be safe if they return to school? Will they need to wear a mask? What if my child won’t wear a mask?

A: The district developed a comprehensive plan to address health and safety needs. We will share this information with families selected to participate in Phase 1 Expanded. Participating families must follow health and safety guidelines. Currently, Phase 1 Expanded guidelines require that all students wear a mask. Students who cannot wear a mask will not be allowed to return.

Q: What type of in person instruction will my child receive? Will it replace online learning?

A: What instruction looks like for each student could vary greatly. Some might only return to take an assessment. Others may return to receive supplemental instruction one or more days per week. Phase 1 Expanded will not replace the instruction already taking place online but it may take place synchronously during morning instruction.

Q: Will my student receive instruction from their classroom teacher?

A: Not necessarily. Classroom teachers are still expected to complete their daily planning, teaching, and grading responsibilities. Appointment-based instruction will be led by site staff members who volunteer to participate in Phase 1 Expanded. Some staff members are medically at risk while other staff members are addressing their own child-care issues. Schools have shared this information with the district who is working to identify solutions.

Q: How long will my student be on campus?

A: In person instruction may occur in the morning or afternoon. Previous media reports quoted a district official as saying “students will be able to come back all day, every day”. This is in reference to a future phase (beyond Phase 4) and does not apply to Phase 1 Expanded.

Q: I read in the local media that Phase 2 will be similar, but will include middle and high school students, all elementary students, and may begin as soon as January.

A: Proposed timelines and details for Phase 2 have already been distributed to community members. We will continue to share additional information with our community as it becomes available.

Q: Why is the San Diego Unified School District using a multi-phase approach?

A: We are using this approach as a method to test protocols and procedures for operating a safe learning environment. Phase 1 Expanded is meant to be temporary and will involve a very small number of students.

Q: Will my student be able to eat breakfast and lunch at school? Will there be snacks?

A: No. Students will not have an opportunity to eat in our cafeteria as this service continues to remain closed. A grab and go lunch is provided Monday through Friday at Taft Middle School from 12:00 - 2:00 PM.

This letter provided you with a brief overview of Phase 1 Expanded. We will continue to share details with our community as they become available.


Hortencia Garcia-Rubio
Principal, Taft Middle School

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