Physical Education

Physical Education Department Information

Our Staff believes that all students can achieve excellence regardless of size, coordination, body type or other physical capabilities. We are concerned with developing a child's positive attitude towards physical activity that will last a lifetime. We have aligned our physical education lessons with the California Content Standards for Physical Education. This will ensure that students will be exposed to a broad range of activities that can provide the foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle.

PE Dress Policy

All students are required to dress in their PE uniform daily.

  • Students must wear their own PE uniforms. They cannot share.
  • PE Uniforms may ONLY be worn during PE. Students may not wear current or past uniforms during the regular school day (unless they are carrying a note from admin or counseling due to dress code violation)
  • Lockers will be assigned to students for the purpose of keeping clothes and items safe while students are participating in PE.
  • PE clothes need to be taken home and washed on Friday and returned on Monday.
  • Writing (other than the student's name) on PE clothing is not allowed.
  • Students are only allowed to wear one pair of shorts and one shirt.
  • Proper gym shoes must be worn and shoes must be properly laced and tied tightly for safety.
  • Sweatshirts and sweatpants are only to be worn during cold weather.

Locker Room Procedures

  • Students will be assigned their own lockers. Lockers are not to be shared or loaned to others.
  • Students must use a combination lock and locks must be registered with the teacher to allow access.
  • To prevent theft, lockers are to be locked before leaving the locker room.
  • All school policies and rules apply in the locker rooms and in the PE areas.
  • Food, open drinks, glass, perfumes, spray deodorants, lotions (or any "forbidden item") are not allowed in the locker room.

TAFT PE department is not responsible for lost or stolen items From Lockers or backpacks. students must lock all items during PE class.

PE Excuses

A parent or guardian may clear an illness or injury for up to three (3) days. After three days a doctor's excuse is required. These students will still be required to suit up for PE however, they will not be required to participate. Medical excuses are managed through the Health Office so that the school Nurse and/or Health Technician are aware and able to offer assistance and support. Students who frequently present requests for excuse from physical education for short periods of time should be advised to have a medical examination.

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