Bullying Policy

  1. Everyone (children and adults) will be treated with kindness and respect while on the Taft campus.
  2. Respond with respectful tone of voice and body language - no hands on hips, eye rolling, argumentative attitude, flippant tone, etc.
  3. If an adult asks a student to correct behavior, the student will respond respectfully and immediately correct behavior as requested.
  4. Anyone who sees bullying or tormenting going on will take a stand and stop the behavior.
  5. Everyone is expected to initiate friendly greetings.
  6. Respond with eye contact and without an argument.
  7. When an adult prompts correction of behavior or gives a direction, stop and listen, comply with the direction. Be pleasant. (Nod your head, smile, say thanks - react appropriately.)
  8. When someone greets you, return the greeting with a nod, smile, or verbal response.
  9. When someone compliments you, acknowledge the statement with a polite response.

Situations that need to be reported in the BULLY BOX:


  • someone is bullying someone else.
  • someone is name calling repeatedly.
  • someone has threatened another student.

If you have a suggestion regarding bullying please let a teacher, counselor, or administrator know.

NOTE: If you know or have heard that someone has a weapon you MUST report it to an adult IMMEDIATELY. (The adult will report it to administration IMMEDIATELY) It will be kept confidential. Do not put a note in the BULLY BOX, it may be too late!

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