End of year & Promotion Activites

End-of-year and Semester Activity AND Promotion Activity Criteria

In order to participate in any dances, the 8thgrade promotion ceremony, or any associated activities at the semester or at the end of the school year, or to participate in any 6th or 7th grade semester or end­ of-year activities, a student:

  • Must have no more than one formal suspension in the current school year.

  • Must have a minimum of 2.0 GPA in academics AND in citizenship on the final semester report card.

  • Must have no more than one F on the final report card (in all   subjects.)

  • Must have no more than one U on the final report card (in all subjects.)

  • Must have no more than one truancy (including period and whole day) for the entire school year.

  • Must  have  no outstanding charges  from  overdue library  fines,  text  books, library  books,  classroombooks, school materials, damaged equipment, or damaged school property.

NOTE:  Excessive unverified and/or unexcused absences or tardies may also exclude a student   from participation.


For 8th grade promotion and associated activities, the second semester final report card will be used to determine GPA and number of Fs and Us. Formal appeals will be made. One week prior to the last day of school the promotion criteria will be compiled and the final determination of participation made by school administration.

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