Term 1 Google Classroom Codes

Go to and look for the + sign on the right hand corner.



Term 1: 9/4/20-11/01/20
ABBOTT odw7zzy d2eiwtm eroesty
BERESFORD nklcgxp - hggrnxr  
CERVANTES x7scb6s djwhulk 33myr4o
CIRIZA 552ursy s3oqimx w5b3s2k
CORTES v7i3ttq 5lt4itz sdcmmgc
DELIA   56kyqat fnbt7vu
FELDMAN n7jtf5g wnexbyt vdptaaq
GARCIA 3bkdtaz xexsjce qkcuicy
GASPERONI   3n4tjv5  
GONZALES q7i5vxg - yrwv55n rmqtsul
HANNON jcjnh7d 6cuv3sl 4ez2zov
HARE kjubccm xohlwww  
KELLER     ssc5che
LEHMANN rea56e3 xoz4ttn s2jfggt
LEWIS 7rouioe ffkdgho eamuehj
MANSKE hpqty2w d74bjzv qpmkniw
MONTORO     b33l5e
NERI w3dtoai v6rmpwp hswzjji
PAINE t3cwm3z 2xyzqf7 4cf52sb
PALMER czyv2sc vrggmej wlji6mv
PEACOCK feis6PN    
RICE   pb5zbof 7fxwpoa
ROBINSON fpqfny5 2obeipr hf2sd6l
SANTOS atiuuuq 4woffjr jjrhr6v
T. SMITH xgmfnnh xgmfnnh xgmfnnh
THOMPSON   zvucst6  


We are glad you are here!  Thank you and go Eagles!

The Eagles Way

The Eagles' Way

All children and adults on the Taft campus are expected to follow the Eagles' Way.

Encourage Others - Be supportive to everyone whether you like them or not. Helping others is the Eagles' Way. Use words of encouragement like, "Good job!" "I liked your project." "You'll do better next time." Responses like, "You suck!" "You're dumb." etc. are not acceptable. Offer your help if you think someone needs it. Use polite words at all times. Encourage others to seek an adult's help when they have a problem.

Accept Differences- Just because someone looks different,comes from a different place, was raised in a different culture, or has different abilities doesn't mean you don't have something in common. You won't know until you talk to them. The expectation is not that you become best friends, but that you treat everyone with kindness and respect.

Give Respect- Tone of voice and body language will be positive and respectful at all times. There are no put-downs. Use active listening. Make eye contact. Engage in pleasant exchanges. Students and adults are expected to initiate friendly greetings. Respect yourself as well as those around you.

Learn to Listen and Listen to Learn- Come to school prepared for the task at hand. When students are in class, they need to pay attention to the speaker, be active listeners, look at the speaker, and participate in class discussions/lessons when appropriate. When adults are at meetings they are to do the same.

Expect Positive Results- Students and adults will set high expectations for themselves and others. They will do their best when challenged and be proud of accomplishments. Improvement and excellence will be celebrated by students and staff.

Strive for Excellence- Students and staff will come to school prepared for learning and/or teaching. Everyone will do the best they can at all times. In order to achieve excellence students and staff will go above and beyond what is expected when learning, teaching, and caring for others. Personal integrity (high moral character, ethical behavior, and honesty) are of the utmost importance to be your best and to do your best.

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