Restroom Policy

  1. Get permission from your teacher or an adult to leave the classroom.
  2. Get the adult to sign your planner pass (at the front of this planner. )
  3. Sign the restroom log to leave classroom and take planner pass with you.
  4. There is no need for conversation.
  5. Take care of business.
  6. Flush the toilet.
  7. Wash your hands (with one squirt of soap.)
  8. Dry hands by pushing the hand dryer once.
  9. Return to class (or lunch court if during lunch or before school) quickly.
  10. Report messy restrooms to classroom teacher or an adult (if on lunch court) immediately.
  11. Use the restroom before school, during passing period, lunch time and after school to avoid missing class time.
  12. If you feel you must leave class to use the restroom, you must have your planner pass.
  13. Lunch time and morning arrival - Use the restroom (in the 400 building) during the lunch period or before the morning bell, not after the first bell rings to signal it is time to go to class.


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